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Teemu Lehmusruusu:
House of Polypores, 2021

Mycelium structures, decaying wood, organ pipes, sensors, solar power

House of Polypores is a hybrid artwork that integrates real time ecosystem processes and biomaterial research with sound and spatial installation. Through high sensitive sensor system it monitors even the smallest changes and movements in the decomposing wood, the process of becoming soil. With coded microprosessors it then changes the data feed into a musical soundscape played by out nine pipes that form an organ. Rather than presenting an illustrative concert of the unseen natural processes it creates a slowly evolving space where us humans can slow down and breath in the rhythm of the deceying processes.

The columns refer in form not only to the vertically decaying tree trunks conquered by the polypores and insects, but also to human civilisations and its temporality. Pointing to a possibility of biodiversity-based civilisation, in a chapel-like constellation.

Composer: Antti Tolvi
Sound Designer: Markus Heino
Mycelium Technology: Mogu
3D designer: Vilja Achté

Technician, solar power: Marko Tandefelt
Thank You: Sunwind, Biofilia Laboratory, Kunstventures

Commissioned by HAM/Helsinki Biennial 2021

With the generous support of: Kone Foundation, HAM

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