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Maiju Hukkanen:
Stirrers – Möyhentäjät, 2020

Stirrers – Möyhentäjät is the fourth opening at the Trophic Verses project, an installation by Maiju Hukkanen taking place at the Viikki fields in Helsinki. The outdoor installation consisting of a textile print out of charcoal drawing and metal structure will be on display at Patteripellonraitti, close to the Viikki barn until end of August 2020.

"There’s a world beneath us that is often left invisible. My understanding of soil life is probably as narrow as that of most of us. I wanted to draw something more than just an enabler of growth and an instrument – an entity itself. Complexity that lives and changes regardless of us. Layers and crossings and beings that fit into a fistful of soil."

For the research part of her project, Maiju collaborated with the Helsinki University soil science laboratory where she examined self-collected soil samples with microscopy. She also visited the Qvidja ecological farm where she familiarised with soil structures and biology. The original image is a charcoal drawing and will be presented later this year on a separate occasion at the Soil at Risk symposium.

Stirrers – Möyhentäjät is part of the Trophic Verses - Säkeitä ravintoketjulta project. It was curated by Aleksandra Kiskonen and facilitated by Teemu Lehmusruusu.

Thank you: Kone Foundation, BSAG, FMI, Carbon Action,
Helsinki University, City of Helsinki

Documentation photos: Lauri Tujula
Aerial photography: Teemu Lehmusruusu

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