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Teemu Lehmusruusu:
Maatuu uinuu henkii
(Respiration Field), 2019

Teemu Lehmusruusu's environmental installation is sensing the soil breathing and photosynthesis through July and August 2019 in Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, Helsinki. The installation consists of five sculptural, hand molded and colored glass vessels that function as CO2 measurement chambers, surrounded by a mix of soil improving seedlings and operating with its own solar power station.

Every half an hour the installation goes into an active phase and play the sound and light of respiration in interaction with the carbon dioxide flow in the chambers. During the growing season, the interaction between soil and plants changes the carbon dioxide cycle and thus the work is always in a dynamic state.

The 'biodiversity blend' sown in the work area includes eg. white clover, tall fescue, rye-grass, sun flower, honey flower, broad bean, buckwheat, oat and flax. With roots digging into different layers of soil they form a regenerative and resilient whole that is also beneficial for pollinators. Geese and rabbits eating in the garden can contribute to what plants thrive on the spot and how high they grow.

The installation has been produced as an collaboration of Telling Tree art+rsrch and Kunstventures art production. Technical producer  Marko Tandefelt / Kunstventures, technician Eetu Huhtala and sound designer Stephen Stamper have been in key roles in the design and realization of the work. Curatorial backup has been provided by Aleksandra Kiskonen / Trophic Verses. The production has been supported by Kone Foundation, AVEK Mediarata and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.
Thank you for collaboration Liisa Kulmala / Ilmatieteen laitos, Juuso Joona / Tyynelän tila, Luomus, BSAG, Sunwind and Kaappo Lähdesmäki & Kimmo Reinikka / Lasismi.

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