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Teemu Lehmusruusu:
Parent Matter, 2018

Parent Matter is an installation by Teemu Lehmusruusu examining the impact of human actions and geological forces on the Earth’s natural materials. The piece looks at the invisible life that exists deep within the soil, which is essential to the survival of life above ground.

The surface of the Earth is in a constant state of flux, yet this slow process of transformation is invisible during a brief human lifespan. Soil hosts one quarter of our planet’s biodiversity, yet this biodiversity is endangered due to climate change. Parent Matter challenges us to reflect on the consequences of our actions and our impact on the Earth’s natural balance.

The title refers to the geological term “parent material”, which refers to the underlying geological material, usually bedrock or drift deposit, in which soil horizons form. Parent Matter can be interpreted as the fusion of these underlying materials. The “parent material” is the mother, forefather and nourisher of humankind.

Excerpts from Pauliina Haasjoki’s poem collection Promessa – that will be published in 2019 – are seen as part of the artwork.

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